Monday, 30 November 2015

Dodi Koerniadi

Pushing your Body from a Weight-Loss Plateau


After some long period to improving your diet and increasing your exercise habit; finally, your weight started to go down and your body will shape better. It is nice to see your scale dropping down some number, giving you nearly the exact weight that you want. However, your body start to maintain its metabolism; it will start to slow down for sure. If your metabolism is slower than the usual, it will also slow down your weight loss, leaving you stuck in your current weight. No matter how little you eat, the calories will burn in the equal number from what you eat; it is also known as weight loss plateau.
Stand up and do not surrender

Do not surrender and giving up, because it is normal for your body to decelerating and your will get some slow down of your weight loss. Firstly, you must try to understand, what is the main cause from your weight loss plateau? By knowing and understanding the plateau effect, you can learn how to respond and avoid some backsliding from your new healthy habits. Stuck in plateau, it can takes for some days or even some weeks. It might sounds frustrating, but all you need to do is to maintain your food intake and keep doing some exercise.

Main cause of Plateau

If you just start your diet, your body will rapidly to drop some weight. It happens when your body get less calories, your body will get some energy by slowly releasing the storage of glycogen. Glycogen is some type of carbohydrates, which you can found on your muscles and liver. Glycogen is consists with large amount of water, so when your glycogen is burn down for your energy, it will release the water content and resulting some weight loss on your body. This effect is also temporary, when your body started to loss large amount of glycogen, the weight loss plateau will occur.

Weight Loss Graph Plateau

When the content of glycogen start to diminish, you will need to burn the fat from your body, which is will take some time. All you need to do is to have some approach as your early diet plan, or to have more exercise to burn your fat easier than before.

Passing your Weight Loss Plateau

When you have reach your plateau, it will create some lack of confidence and ruin the entire mood for you to continue your diet and exercise. You will to make some note, either you already satisfied with your current weight, or you want to lose some more, everything is up to you. If you are interested to push your body to its limit, and reach beyond your weight loss plateau, you can start to have some different method.

Try to look back for your food records. Try not to loosen it a little bit. You must keep your dietary intake as low as you can, and do not intake any larger portions of food. Keep doing some exercise, and do not pass a day without it. If you do less exercise, it will also lead you to your weight loss plateau. By increasing your workout by thirty minutes, it will help you to burn more calories. By adding some weightlifting exercises, will increasing your muscle mass and help you to burn some fat that lies behind your muscle. Try to pack some outdoor activities and think far beyond your own gym. You can start to do by leaving your car, and do some walking and start to use some public transport. You can also start to tend your own lawn by yourself. By sweating from sunbathing, will help you to diminish some water content from your body.

Desperate times, desperate measures

If your entire efforts to get beyond your weight loss plateauis not effective, it is better for you to do some conversation and consultation with your dietitian, because they might have some great suggestion that might useful for you to diminish your weight. Remember not to push your body too far, or you will suffer from bad healthy condition. Keep your calories intake as low as possible, but try not to push it below 1200 calories, or you will suffer from food deprivation, which will make your body is starve uncontrollably. You will need to remember that some weight-loss medicine also not good for your health. As you can see, having some steroids to increase your muscle content is also not a great idea. Medicated weight-loss treatment is not an option, because it will make your body suffer from the side effect from the medication itself. Doing some fat-removal operation also will not make your body healthy, it will leave you in over confidence state, and make you to start eating much again. It is better to keep your head cool, and start to do some exercises!
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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Dodi Koerniadi

The Best and Quick Way to Lose Weight in a Week

Quick Way to Lose Weight in a Week

At this article, you will find a quick way to lose weight with will subtract your body in a week without having to feel hungry, consume bizarre supplements or cutting out the whole food groups. You can do it by applying small sacrifices which are combined with certain techniques. You can do this quick way to lose weight if you choose the exercise and eating strategies which are suitable for your lifestyle.

So it is better for you to choose at least four of the nutritionist and fitness expert and you will be helped by them to work your schedule for seven days straight. You can have a couple of more if you feel ambitious. The more weight you will lose, the more you choose. If you start this quick way to lose weight right now, you will feel and look lighter.

Drink mainly water

An energy drink or sports drink, light beer or fruit smoothie contain about 100 calories. These beverages also do not satisfy you unlike the 100 calories of food so they are unnecessary to consume. Other liquids may be high in carbohydrates and sodium which your body will be tricked into retaining water which is puffing you out.

On the other hand, water contains zero calories and carbohydrates and has no sodium which is making it the perfect drink that can be slimmed down your body. Strangely, water actually helps flush out excess water weight and also starts your metabolism. You can add mint leaves and lemon wedges if it is too boring.

Cutting out Pasta and White Bread

You have cut out all white grain products such as sandwich rolls, white rice, and spaghetti because they will slim you down instantly as the simple carbs in these foods cause bloating, specifically around your belly. You have to remember that simple carbohydrate will slim you down because they are digested very quickly which is leaving you hungry and you will more likely to overeat later.

Instead of replacing then by consuming healthier and still bloat-triggering whole-grain bread products, you can substitute them by consuming vegetables for seven days. For instance, you can substitute a chicken sandwich to chicken salad and you can also turn dip and chips into carrots and dip. You will remain full longer because the complex carbs from vegetables can be digested more slowly. They also help flush out excess water weight because vegetables are mostly water.

Cardio 30 minutes a day

To get your heart rate up, you can do any workout that will burn your calories. If you choose a cardio routine which engages a couple of muscles simultaneously, you will use more calories.

You have to consider three things: boot-camp workouts, cardio kickboxing and spinning. Half an hour of each workout will torch 200 up to 300 calories while toning up your legs, arms and core so everything will appear tighter and sleeker.

More calories per session will even be burned if your workout incorporates interval training which is alternating short bursts on intense cardio with slower activity. Most of experts are not sure why this happens but trainers can prove it right.

Drink coffee an hour before working out

This is the only exception to the water rule. If you drink a cup of coffee in the morning it will make your work more productive. A cup of coffee with a splash of skim milk or black before you exercise will energize your workout. More calories will be burned without realizing that you are pushing yourself harder.

On-top sex position

Woman on top sex position is the perfect position that you have to do to slim down your weight. Woman on top means that you do the rocking and you will burn more calories if you are more active. Sex will also pump the level of endorphins; neurotransmitters which are helping you ride out food carvings. In order to give your butt and thigh muscles an extra push, you can do a reverse-cowgirl.

36 push-ups and lunges every day

These gym-class staples will help you to sculpt your muscle, so you will get a more streamlined look. You have to do three sets of 12 of every exercise every other day. Lunges work on your hips, thighs and butt will push-ups will target your upper body. You have to make sure that your legs and back remain in straight line during your push-up. Your muscle tone will be improved. And also, you can create even more muscle with the lunges if you hold free weights in every hand while doing the exercise.

Sleep 30 minutes more per night

That 30 minutes more can refresh you which will make better food choices whether you sleep 5 hours of 8 hours and you will not fell lethargic and skip the gym. If you sleep 7 up to 8 hours a night, it will also boost your metabolism.
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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Dodi Koerniadi

Easily Losing Your Weight and Shape your Body with Yoga Poses

yoga weight loss

Doing some exercise to make your body healthy is great. Exercise also will make your body slender in no time. If you doing it right, you can make your body to become better. If you are not interested to lose your weight by doing some running or heavy exercise, then you might want to do some yoga. By doing some yoga weight loss therapy, you can get your desired body look in lot more interesting way. Yoga is the most unique body exercise that using some repeated poses and stretch your body to its limit, or even beyond than you might know.

Half Moon Pose

Before we start further deep into some difficult yoga stretch movement, we can start from the basic yoga weight loss movement; the half moon pose, or also known as the ArdhaChandraasana. This is one of the easiest pose from all of yoga movement. It can help you to shape your buttocks, upper and inner thighs; it will also strengthen your body core, which is useful to make your body weight drops. However, you should avoid this pose if you have some digestive disorders, some spinal injury or high blood pressure diseases.

Start from stand with your feet together, make your body relax. Next, you must raise your hands above your head and clasp your palms. Make sure you extend your stretch, and try to reach for the maximum body stretch. Exhale slowly from your mouth, and start to bend slowly to the sideways from your hips. Keeping your hand together. Keep your elbow straight, and you can feel your body stretch from the tip of your fingers down to your thighs. Inhale using your nose, and back to the standing position. Repeat this pose again on the other side of your body.

The Tree Pose

Another basic yoga weight lossmovement is to stretch your body into the Vrksasana Pose. This pose is great to train the muscles of your abdomen and it will tones the thighs and your arms. However, you must not do this pose if you have knee and back injury. This tree pose also easy and anyone can use it without any difficulties.

All you need to do is to stand with your legs together, put most of your weight into one leg, and leave some little weight on the other one. Now, slowly raise the less weighed leg, and make your foot facing inwards, to your opposite knee. You must place your heel to the inner thigh of your other leg, nearly to your pelvis as possible. Gently raise your hands right above your head, and make sure that your fingers are pointing towards the ceiling. The important key is to focus you mind, and try to maintain your balance as long as possible. This yoga weight lossmovement also help you to ease your mind, and help you to make your body calm as much as possible.

The Cobbler Pose

Next step to do your yoga weight losstherapy is to do the Badhakonasana Pose. It will help you to reduce fat on the inner thighs and it can strengthen your spine, and the muscles of the groin. This cobbler pose can help you to relieve your menstrual discomfort at ease, and help you to improve your digestion.

You must sit down on your mat with your legs stretched out in the front of you. Try to keep your spine erect and straight. Start to bend your legs at the knees, and make the soles of your feet facing each other. You can pull your legs using your hands, and let your heels touch each other and make them as close as possible with your pelvis. Keep your hand holding your ankles, and start to move your thighs up and down, make the movement like the wings of a butterfly. Keep doing this as many as you can. The closer your legs with your pelvis, it can show the greater benefit from this pose. However, you must not push yourself too hard at the first time. By slowly doing this yoga weight losspose daily, your legs will get some flexibility improvements with time.

Train to make it better

Everyone knows that doing some yoga weight losspose is not easy. All you need is to train your body to do it daily, and it will show some great progress and development by itself. Your body will need to do some relaxation before you push it into another pose. Once your body slowly get its flexibility, you can start to do some other difficult yoga weight losspose. Some advance pose will need you to push your body to its limit, but it will make your body to get its better shape.
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